Complexity Notebooks 📝

Complexity arises whenever a system experiences some degree of intertwinedness - when the component parts of the system have multiple interlocking relationships with other component parts of the system. Such systems include things like predator-prey relationships, climate, markets, evoloution, the human brain, the power grid, and urban development. In short, complex systems include almost anything that might be of interest to us in our daily lives.

Complexity Science is the study of complex systems. The hope of the enquiry is that through learning about the kinds of patterns and forces that repeat across many kinds of complex system we can better understand how they form, what behaviours they may exhibit and, most importantly, how we should act in relation to them.

In the Winter/Spring of 2021 I was a student in ACS101 Introduction to Complexity and Applied Complexity by Joe Norman. As part of the course we talked through some of the archetypal chaotic and complex systems that provide foundational insights for the field.

To build my intuitive muscle around how these things work, I put together a number of notebooks with simulations of these systems, which you can access below.

If you're interested in complexity in general or in learning how to code some of these systems specifically I hope these may be of help! 🙏